MIND, BODY & SOUL - self care for beginners | ebook

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An ebook for anyone that doesn’t know the broadness of the topic of self-care. Put your life back into balance with your Mind, Body & Soul.

Get yourself this 40+ page ebook about all things and get your life back into balance with more knowledge about your mind, your body & your soul. It doesn't matter if you are super stressed or super bored every day. Both extremes need balance and this ebook will help you learn how to create this balance.

In this eBook you will get:

  • Three big chapters about mental, physical & spiritual balance
  • Tons of easy recipes to treat yourself
  • Links to studies that researched the effects of certain self-care activities
  • Access to freebies & future freebies connected to the topic of

You can get a free chapter to test read on my blog if you join my newsletter squad! You can access that here: rayowag.com/resources

Here is what customers said:

„Mind, Body & Soul“ is one of the first eBooks I ever bought and I‘m so glad I did. - Marlene

Amazing ebook and must-read if you’re either new to this topic or want to dive deeper into it. - Madeleine

What are you waiting for? Start the journey to a better and more balanced life with this eBook! Don't forget to tell me about your progress :)

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MIND, BODY & SOUL - self care for beginners | ebook

3 ratings
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