How to get your life together - and keep it that way | WORKBOOK

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We all tend to fall off track with our goals from time to time but that doesn't have to be the case. This workbook goes through all the systems and templates that helped me with keeping my life on track, staying productive and consistently working on my goals. It’s filled with an in-depth goalsetting section, systems to keep up with your goals and tips to keep you on track.

The workbook includes:

  • The stages of personal development
  • Setting Life goals
  • Goalsetting Guide
  • Areas to set goals in + Level 10 Life
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Guide on how to start & stop habits
  • Decluttering Guide
  • Things I learned the hard way
  • The pillars of self care
  • What are Life Admin Days?
  • What are Weekly Reviews?
  • The best Organization Systems
  • Time Management Guide
  • Work-Life-Balance Tips

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Why would this be something for me?

It will give you guides and systems to get your life together and stay on track with it. Even if you already have your life together pretty well, half of the book goes in-depth into goals and taking a more intense look at the why and how behind those goals. The systems mentioned will help you reach them faster and more effectively.

Why are you sharing this with us?

Why wouldn't I take all the knowledge I have about this and give it to you? It's all about implementing it. If you're one of the people actually implementing what you learn in this workbook my job as an educator is done. This book includes so many things I learned from years of reading books, trying different systems and using different goal setting workbooks. I took everything that worked for me out of those books and systems and made a system of its own out of it. And that is what you see here.

Get it now to get your life together today!

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What's included?

Digital Workbook (PDF)
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Worksheet Printables (PDF)
Lifetime Updates
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How to get your life together - and keep it that way | WORKBOOK

1 rating
I want this!